TM16 LED tail light


Unique design - and pretty cool

Modern design, function and technology combined

The TM16 tail light serie features a unique, homogeneous design with a black background which highlights the homogeneous red tail light function in its 3 horizontal stripes. A pretty cool design combined with impact-resistant lens and housing, chrome-ring, the option of progressive direction indicator light and variants with ISO 13207 LED monitoring on the direction indicator light.

The serie also offers individual vehicle styling with a huge range of options, and can be used on both trucks and trailers.

The ERMAX TM16 LED built-in tail light is designed based on the latest lighting- and LED technologies and meets the toughest requirements for technology, quality and functionality.

  • Long lifetime and durability
  • Modern progressive or standard direction indicator light 
  • Compatible with all tractor units
  • D-approval when double-mounting
  • Flexible connection options

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