Reverse- and Work Lights LED


Work safer and more productively in a clear light

Our work light and reverse light programme fulfills the highest demands concerning quality, functionality and reliability. The innovative LED technology ensures a long life-time, energy efficiency and high capacity.

Unique design, latest light- and LED technology, unbeatable durability and high quality are united in the ERMAX work light and reverse light programme. They are suitable for all applications, where efficient high quality light is necessary in order to work more productively and safely – day and night – also when the work lasts for many hours.

The material used fulfills all demands for high stability and impact resistance against shock, vibration, dirt and moisture.

Clear lens - Unbeatable
Impact-resistant lens made of polycarbonate

Usable everywhere
The compact design brings a lot of flexibility in the field of mounting options

Long lifetime
Strong coating - even in holes and threads, ensures long life. Protects the aluminium parts from corrosion

High flexibility
4 design variants with varying luminosity - from 800 Lumen up to 3,200 Lumen. 

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