Park Light System - PLS


Increase road safety when you leave your trailer parked

Illuminated parked trailerIlluminated parked trailer

Park Light System (PLS) is a battery-powered system which enables active lighting of a trailer, without a towing vehicle, and using the existing lighting system when a trailer is left on an unlit road or parking lot.

Safe loading and unloading are thereby possible at any time even without a towing vehicle - and at the same time, increased safety is achieved for other road users in the dark hours. 

The battery box has a compact and simple design and ensures a long battery life. The robust box is ADR approved, has a waterproof AMP connection and built-in overload protection.

The Park Light System can easily be integrated into our existing cable system - all you need is the battery box, a junction box and an on/off switch.

The belonging junction box also allows you to connect other lighting functions such as warning lights and interior lighting. The function control itself is made with a on/off switch which is placed in an easy-to-operate place on the trailer.

Watch video about PLS